Take sometime to look at our gallery, giving you an insight on our mission here at Indera DeMine Immigration and Attorney Indera.

Ms. DeMine is an active participant in many organizations and has various speaking engagements in the region. Please take a moment to check out her gallery and Facebook platform to see her involvement within the community

and around the world.

Throwback Thursday and highlight of 2018- selected for 40 under 40 and gracing the cover of Gulfshore Business magazine!


"I was born in a tiny country called Guyana. I carry my heritage with me ❤️"- Indera DeMine

Attorneys Indera and Tom DeMine had their first joint speaking engagement at Ave Maria Law School, discussing the ups and downs of running your own solo practice!

Thank you, News-Press for

choosing Indera DeMine as a finalist for the 2018 Young Professional of the Year!

DeMine Immigration had

a busy 2018!

We are grateful for each recognition and our attorney Indera DeMine is honored to be nomiated fo rthe 2018 Apex Award.

Attorney Indera DeMine is honored to be a finalist for Young Professional of the Year. Thank you to the excited for the celebration tomorrow.


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