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"Rosa, Juan Examples of Broken Immigration System" The News-Press, May 18, 2018

Immigration Attorney Indera DeMine, speaks on the problems of Immigration and Juan and Rosa's stories

of how badly the system treats hard working immigrants.

"Suspected Illegal Immigrants in SWFL Can Now be Detained for 48 Hours"NBC 2, January 22, 2018

Immigration Attorney Indera fears that this new deal and more arrests, will cause a back log in immigration courts.

And the treatment of people with minor offensives can be detained and held by ICE the same way people with serious felonies can.


"Lee Health Addresses TPS/DACA Employees"WGCU Southwest Florida News, November 21, 2017

"Fear, Uncertainty Consume Haitian Community in Southwest Florida"NBC 2, November 21, 2017

Immigration Attorney, Indera DeMine, is warning Haitian immigrants living in Southwest Florida under

Temporary Protection Status to prepare to leave the country.

"Progressive Women in Fort Myers Get Together, Get Energized"The News-Press, October 28, 2017

         Indera DeMine, an immigration attorney, addresses women Saturday at Sidney &

                    Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers

"End of DACA Called an Injustice, Causing Fear and Anxiety Among FGCU Students"

The News-Press, September 5, 2017

Immigration Attorney Indera DeMine, speaks about the possible end of DACA, which allows dreamers to work

legally, pay taxes legally and go to school.

"Immigrants Not Taking Jobs, Services from Americans, Says Attorney"The News-Press, August 9, 2017

Immigration attorney Indera DeMine, of Fort Myers, Fla., speaks on "the misconceptions" that immigrants take

jobs from Americans and use social services available to American citizens.


"Proposed immigration changes could change SWFL's workforce"NBC 2, August 7, 2017

A proposal endorsed by President Donald Trump could reduce immigration by more than half, affecting

population and economic growth. Attorney Indera DeMine is against doing away with family-based immigration

that would allow people here simply to work.

"ICE regulation changes concern some law enforcement"NBC 2, June 12, 2017

Could Florida law enforcement agencies be breaking the law when it comes to the civil rights of illegal immigrants?

Immigration Indera DeMine says yes. 

"Haiti Refugees Hope for Immigration Extensions"NBC-2 News, April 13, 2017

Haitian immigrants who left their country after a devastating earthquake fear they are the latest target of the Trump administration. Indera speaks on the issue with one of her clients.

"Illegal Immigrants Rush to Get Paperwork Done"ABC7, February 23, 2017

Immigration Attorney Indera DeMine is advising illegal immigrants to get help and file some paperwork that may

entitle them to stay. Many illegal immigrants rush to get paper work in fear of mass deportation.

"Undocumented Immigrants Face More Hurdles in Trump-Era"NBC-2 News, February 20, 2017

Options are running out for illegal immigrants living in Southwest Florida and through this Immigration Attorneys like Indera DeMine are being kept busy.

"Dreamers Fear Possible Repeal By Trump"NBC-2 News, February 2, 2017

A draft of President Donald Trump's latest potential executive order calling for an end to the DREAM Act is creating

panic among some immigrants. “There is mass confusion and there is mass fear among immigrants,” said Indera

Demine of Fort Myers. “Put yourself in their shoes.”

"Overhauling Our Immigration System"RES GESTAE, November 2016 Issue


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